Banco Caja Social – set your goals and then save money

The people knows Banco Caja Social as the bank that helps to save money, «not only you need to buy stuffs, first you need to set your goals and then save money for buy them.»

So our strategy was to create a new portal that have almost all the possible answers about finances questions. To achieve that goal, with the creative and strategic team created a new brand website A site constructed under wordpress, with 3 diferents breakpoints to get an optimal experience while you search and consume content.

Once the site started the production phase, I joined the creative team and started to develop the content strategy production. We identified each type of consumer and separated in group, we notice that each social media have diferents types of needs, users and a unique form of content consumption.


These are a few examples of social media post that we made for Facebook.



Also we support the content strategy in channels like twitter, where we were relevant talking about finances, tips for saving money making us were part of the conversation by talking with a real time language.