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Alfa needs to upgrade their digital assets and social communication.

First we made a benchmark for all the competition brands in Colombia, then we made an exhausting analysis of our digital assets. With the strategic plan our final decision was to create a website from scratch and upgrade our social channels.

I was the digital creative director leading the creative team to communicate the new message and also leading the project manager team for the website production, then worked with the graphic designer team for all the UX and UI for this new digital asset.

This is the website that is working right now at

mobile website for


The new website was designed for mobile, tablet and desktop. We made 3 diferent breakpoints to create a new expirience for the user. Also the site was connected to a database that import all the items for a single file. The site will have the option to add a e-store system so the CMS was made from the scratch. Also we made a custom design for the blog, that is running in wordpress. The blog comes with a solid an unique content strategy, we identified each type of the consumer that needs a house improvement so we started to wrote diferent types of content that response for each unique need.

website for

After we created the new digital asset, we started to write a new way of language to speak out the new promotions and the new brand concept. We chose social media like facebook, youtube, twitter and instagram to connect with the users an deliver an optimal message.

social media for

social media for

social media for